Thursday, November 5, 2009


A while ago, my sister, Dre, thought it would be fun if Jaime and I joined her in a triathlon sprint next May. So, we bought gym passes and, this week, started our workout. Today was the first day swimming.

In preparation, I, who haven't worn a swimming suit in just about 20 years (not an exaggeration), picked out a swimming suit, we all bought goggles and a swim cap, and Dre visited youtube to get quick instruction on how exactly one swims.

We met at the gym at 6 am. The three of us were dressed in our black suits, very tight swimming caps, and sweet goggles. We were ready!

The pool only has three lanes and two of them were already occupied. So, we tried to talk ourselves out swimming. We even jumped in the hot tub for a few minutes. Then we jumped in the pool - all three of us in one lane.

Dre, aka Michael Phelps, started reenacting what she learned on youtube. I was not a very good student and I think we all thought it would be easier than it was.

We spent the next 30 minutes kicking, swallowing water, entertaining the other two people in the pool, and doing a lot of laughing. We discovered that Jaime can do a mean back stroke, Dre can almost swim as well as Michael Phelps (just a little more practice), and it doesn't matter how hard and fast I kick my feet, sometimes I just won't move.

Can't wait until next time...