Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer of 2009

The other day I was taking a walk up Provo Canyon. I couldn't believe how quickly the leaves were changing and how fall-like it was feeling. Honestly, was summer really over?

While I was walking, I thought about all the different things that happened this summer. I don't remember that I really took a vacation, but I was able to go for a weekend to Fish Lake with my family, something we hadn't done in years. I'd forgotten how much I love it there. I was reminded of great fishing adventures with Grandpa and all of us staying in my grandparents trailer, not to mention the visits to Chappel Cheese in Loa (which, unfortunately, is now closed.)

This summer I was able to get in a few good hikes. I took three of my sister's kids up to the "Y". They were troopers and we had fun hiking up. Audrey was "impressed that we made it clear to the top" and then sorry she'd ever come on the hike as we were headed down. I will admit, up was more fun for me too!

At our store manager's conference I hiked Angel's Landing down in Zion's Park. It was amazing - scary, but amazing. The experience was fantastic. I felt a little pride at knowing that at this point last year I may not have been able to do that hike.

At that same conference I also rode an ATV for the first time. I loved it!!!

The summer was also good because my friend was in town. We saw a few movies, some better than others, spent some time in beautiful areas of Salt Lake that I hadn't seen before, took a drive up to Logan, went to a concert, and had some great walks.

I started P90X this summer. It was hard work for me. Some mornings I got up at 4 am to get the workout finished before I had to be at work. I will admit that there have been a couple of days when it just didn't get done, but overall I have been incredibly consistent. I only have 5 more weeks to go, I haven't lost one pound, but I have gained muscle, lost fat, and feel fantastic.

This was a good summer!!!